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Lots of wonderful things are happening for Copus Multimedia this month! Hope to see you all in person at one or more of these amazing events!

1. Friday, August 5th - Phoenix Rising in Vallejo
2. Weekend of August 5-7: Reggae on the River press
3. Weekend of August 11-14: Phoenix Rising in San Diego
4. Saturday, August 20th - Author Bob Baker/COPUS special event

5. World Rhythm Magazine online now
6. 'Whispers' CDs available lots of places
7. Always great deals at Café Press
8. Poetry section.

1. FRIDAY, AUGUST 5: Piano/flute duo PHOENIX RISING will be performing material from their recently-released CD, 'Whispers', at the wonderful Listen + Be Heard Café in Vallejo. Thanks to the fine production abilities - not to mention poetic prowess - of Tony Mims and Martha Cinader, COPUS has had the great fortune to perform many times in Vallejo. Drum wizard Greg MCRay will be in the mix, along with guest poets who will be invited to 'jam' a poem with the musicians. Royal will not be there since he will be covering Reggae on the River events (see below). We are a busy group! 818 Marin Street. 9pm. $5 cover. or 707-554-4540 for information.

2. REGGAE ON THE RIVER - August 5-7: Royal will be representing both Copus Multimedia and World Rhythm Magazine this weekend as a member of the press. We know he'll bring back lots of inside interview information from the stars of the reggae world. (We also know he'll have a great time being renewed in the river!).

3. PHOENIX RISING IN SAN DIEGO - August 11-14: The National Flute Association ( is holding its annual convention in San Diego this year. Phoenix Rising will be in attendance as their debut CD, 'Whispers', will be sold at the Flute World booth ( In addition, Monica has landed a couple of gigs for the duo while they are in town. Friday, August 12th, Phoenix Rising will play at Twigg's ( and on Saturday, August 13th, they will play at Hancock Café. If you have folks in the San Diego area, please pass along this information!

4. SATURDAY, AUGUST 20th - 'Author on Music Comes to Town': Double bill of Bob Baker and COPUS! Special guest speaker, Bob Baker of The Buzz Factor, will answer your questions about selling more CDs, building a more effective website, creating a buzz and more! Bob Baker is author of “Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook", "Unleash the Artist Within” and “Branding Yourself Online". Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to be inspired by one of the leaders in the independent music business! (

As y'all know - COPUS ("Creation Of Peace Under the Stars") is a spoken word/music ensemble that has been receiving outstanding reviews from live performances in the Bay Area, Nashville, and Los Angeles. COPUS is classical with a beat, rap without violence, hip hop with a degree, jazz with lyrics. “It is my belief that this music could be legendary if given the opportunity to thrive.” (Michael Allison, (

We encourage all artists to attend this event!

5. WORLD RHYTHM MAGAZINE is online now. This great publication is filled with interesting material about world culture, including a column about arts in the Bay Area written by Royal Kent. Check it out! -

6. 'WHISPERS' CD - available lots of places online. If you missed the lovely CD release party held at Clarion Music, you are in luck! You can purchase copies of 'Whispers' at the following locations:,, and In addition, you can find it at the Copus Multimedia website ( and can download individual songs on iTunes ( Wow!

7. Always great gifts to buy at Café Press!

8. POETRY SECTION. Today we would like to share some of the haikus from Forrest's collection entitled '5-7-5 for God'. Hope they inspire you!

Open my eyes to
See Your signs and open my
Heart to follow them.

Your imagination is
You are what you dream

Emptiness binds us
Without the empty spaces
We are locked apart

The thought between thoughts.
The breath between breaths. The life
Between birth and death.

Accept the future
In all its uncertainties
A gift to open

© 2005 Forrest Hainline III
5-7-5 for God

Stay healthy and strong!

Wendy + Royal

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