Juliana Rodrigues

Juliana Rodrigues
Juliana Rodrigues came to San Francisco from Sao Paulo, Brazil. On her birthday this year, she was performing at the Cafe International where Wendy and Royal approached her about auditioning. She has been with Copus ever since.

She has been studying Brazilian rhythm in all of its distinctive aspects: music, dance, and body language. At the Free Music University she studied popular Latin percussion with Master Roberto Angerosa and drum set techniques with Master Lauro Lellis at his conservatory.

Juliana has been performing in theater since she was a child. As part of the circus ensemble called Acrobatic Fratelli, she was a trapeze artist and a stilt-walker (while playing percussion at the same time). The group recorded a CD entitled Auto da Paixao and performed extensively, including at an international music and theater festival held in Avignon, France.

Fascinated with percussion instruments from different countries, Juliana has been strongly influenced by Brazilian samba, baiao, carimbo, maxixe, and bossa nova. She also loves soul, jazz, and classical music and is particularly inspired by the piano. All she knows about tamborine (pandeiro) she learned from Nina Blauth who believed in her from the beginning.

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