. A word in a dream spoken aloud, unknown yet familiar. C is for century. Opus, a musical or literary work of magnitude.COPUS is the band to watch as we approach the millennium.

In ancient civilizations, people gathered around the fire ritual and listened to storytellers and drummers weave webs of mystery and power. In 1950s America, beat poets and bebop musicians jammed together and created a brave, new sound. As we approach the new century, COPUS empowers, enlightens, and entertains you with its unique blend of spoken word and millennium music.

After a chance meeting at Cafe International's popular open mic series in May 1996, Royal Kent and Wendy Loomis decided to join creative forces and COPUS was born.

Royal Kent has been inspired by the poetic exploits of African American poets and spoken word artists as diverse as Langston Hughes and the Last Poets. His spoken word delivery has been described as similar to that of the legendary Bob Kaufman. He honed his craft as a solo poet, reciting in cafes, clubs, poetry slams, as concert mc, and on radio and television.

Wendy Loomis, the dynamic composer that she is, has been compared with Debussy, Stravinsky, Chick Corea, Art Tatum, and Thelonius Monk! A rising star in and among women composers of the Bay Area, her broad scope and musical prowess are all-inclusive ... everything from energetic sound clips to sweeping film scores.





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